At S-Effect we love working with compelling design. When Snake River Cross Fit came to us with a site redesign with an edgy look for a new Gym in Nampa, Idaho we jumped at the chance. The caveat was it needed to be integrated with Mind/Body, the software they use to run their business. Software integrations are often thought of as costly and to be avoided. But we like to focus on what’s important.

Luckily we are steeply rooted in the software engineering field and like to think of ourselves as integration experts when it comes to websites. All too often companies like Mind/Body try to push their customers into a cookie cutter site hosted by them that they can then charge extra for. When this happens businesses lose the most important thing they need to have complete control over, how they present themselves to the public. If SRCF went that route they would not have the edgy engaging site they have now.  To their credit Mind/Body provided the options for this integration and we were able to put it all together.

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