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Hells Canyon Raft

- Custom Application - Design - E-Commerce - Hosting - Paid Search - SEO -

Hells Canyon Raft has been one of the premier Central Idaho recreation companies for over 20 years offering guided white water rafting in Hells Canyon and the Salmon River Canyons.  They needed to get their website up to date with a mobile friendly design. After an initial consultation we decided that we could help to set them apart from the competition with an updated brand and a booking application built right into the website. As with almost all guide companies the booking process is to take a call or get a generic contact form from the website, call the customer back to go over options, get billing info either over the phone or by mail, and after what could take as long as a month get the trip booked. We thought we could get that process down to a few minutes and we did with a booking application integrated with the Website that didn’t drive the company into debt.

By analysing the needs of the customer, with an extensive knowledge of tools already built, and the ability to select the right tools along with the skills to customize code where needed we were able to deliver industry leading functionality for a local company.