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New Man Revolution

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New Man Revolution saw there was a problem with men’s grooming products and set out to revolutionize the industry. New Man Revolution delivers the best quality men’s products, like men’s shampoo, body wash and shave butter, right to your door. You can subscribe and receive discounts and other awesome perks or make one-time purchases. They provide the absolute best quality, all-natural, essential oil infused men’s products at a price that still makes sense. They are the, “craft beer of men’s shower and grooming products.” As soon as you pop the top on NMR’s products the bold essential oils and quality of our ingredients will immediately reduce stress and create the refuge that you need. With a compelling design they needed a cutting edge e-commerce site to manage subscribers, promote and sell their product, complete with custom purchasing funnels to guide users down the path to shower nirvana. We love working with startup companies and the challenges they present, and have quite a bit of experience in that ourselves.