Custom Application, Hosting

You don’t need a new website when a fresh coat of paint will do. Eastern Idaho’s economic development organization REDI was having some trouble. The website was very, very slow and it didn’t look all great, not because it wasn’t designed well but because it was blurry, mostly in the logo area. After a careful and urgent analysis due to the poor performance we were able to determine the cause and quickly fix the issues without rebuilding the whole website. After which we were able to clean things up a bit with a new crisp high-resolution logo, a high-resolution image map with roll over links to counties, and some integrated video displays.

Usually when we encounter a slow site the first suspect is someone has hacked your site, luckily our security team was able to quick determine what was compromised and how and we were able to bring the site back up, cleaned of all intrusions, update all software, and implement new features that allow for the monitoring of intrusions and send alerts of  hack in attempts and when software needs updating to insure security. The final step was getting them on a maintained hosting plan where the site is monitored real-time and kept up to date.