Rock Creek Metal Craft

What started out as a metal figurine of a mouse is now over 500 hand crafted metal sculptures. These little metal sculptures have hit a niche in the market, ie; “reasonably priced high quality hand crafted, hand welded metal gifts, made in America.”
Established in 1969 by Jack and Rae Nuckols and has been family owned and operated ever since.
  • Rock Creek Metal Craft makes 52 different Aircraft Metal Figurines
  • 46 different hand welded Metal Craft Animals
  • 15 different Hand Crafted Bikes and Motorcycle Metal Sculptures
  • 9 different styles of Metal Figurines Boats And Music metal sculptures!
 Made in America, Metal Sculptures. Rock Creek Metal Craft makes metal sculptures out of nuts & bolts, washers, screws, cotter keys, sheet metal, nails, wire and spark plugs. Yep, we recycle a lot of spark plugs.