Todays search result pages are a myriad links to various types of content beyond just the standard Web page. There are links to videos, map listings, ads, integrated Wiki listings, just to name a few. One of the most important developments concerning online stores over the past year has been Googles’ shopping links. These links are actually ads that are promoted through a Google Merchant Center account where you to publish your product feed and a Google Adwords account where you setup the pay per click & retargeting campaigns.

The growth of Google shopping ads since the carousel display was introduced in Oct. 2016 has been impressive. Shopping Ads provide key benefits over text ads:

  • Strong sense of the Product
  • Keyword Targeting won’t bother you
  • More than a shopping ad
  • More Traffic
  • Acquire the customers who are just about to buy any product related to your products
  • More Qualified Leads
  • Shopping Ads provide you broader presence

Beyond the benefits of shopping ads on the the search result page is their presence in other places like YouTube channels which gives your products reach far beyond the search page:

We have a lot of experience setting up product feeds to Google Merchant Center accounts, setting up and utilizing remarking lists for campaigns, and setting up and managing shopping ad campaigns to take advantage of the increased reach and effectiveness of these types of ads. If you sell online then it is a really boost to take advantage of this, it’s been our experience that customers visiting your site from shopping ads are 5 times more likely to buy and costs per click are much lower than traditional text based ads. Contact us today and lets us help you take your online advertising to the next level.