With recent updates in major browsers having a secure website, communicating with an encrypted connection,  is no longer an option, its a must. Due to recent changes in web browsers customers will see things like this in the popular chrome browser when visiting your site when it’s not setup properly:

This is at the very least not a good look for your business. Google has recently changed it’s policies to warn all users when they are visiting an insecure website. This is all part of ongoing efforts by may of the Internets biggest companies to help make the internet a more secure experience for everyone. It’s very important to secure your site and do it correctly, if not there could be other warnings:

This window is shown when your security certificate is not setup correctly. In this case customers may come to your website only to see a warning and never get to your actual website. Outside of these issues are the new policies at major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo that will treat your listings differently when your site is not secure, and it’s not good. Even if your SEO was great before this change, as of now it’s probably a lot worse if you haven’t switched to encrypting your sites webpages.

Luckily we are experts in securing websites and have been preparing our customers sites long in advance of these changes, in fact we changed our policy over a year ago to insure all of our customers sites were secure at no extra costs. Get a hold of use today and we can answer any questions you may have.