Local Retailer

From: $197.00 / month

A smaller online store to reach a global audience, your either just getting started in the online retail space or have limited products.

Advanced Content/Photo Management

The basic option assumes you have all the marketing material, images, and branding collateral needed for your new website and are able to take the time to learn how to manage products and content on your site. If not we provide the option of managing all that for you at an increased rate. We’ll help procure and maintain all copy and photography on your website. Note that cost for purchasing of stock photography, copy writing or photography/video production services is not included and will cost extra if needed. This option is like having your own in house web person.

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What’s Included:

  • Free consultation and setup, you just start paying the monthly price and quit anytime.
  • Site Design/Programming for initial launch or migration of current website.
  • Ongoing design and content updates as things change.
  • Website maintenance and security updates.
  • Unlimited support to insure your website is working properly for you and your customers.
  • Dedicated site analytics and metrics setup and management,
  • Free SSL Certificate for securing your site.
  • Your own login to your site with an easy intuitive interface to manage content, media, blog posts, products, orders, customers, etc.
  • Security/availability monitoring to insure uptime and prevent intrusions.
  • Offsite backups to insure quick recover from catastrophe.
  • Training which covers how to manage content, build and integrate social networks, and grow the effectiveness of your investment so your website works for your business.

SSL Secure Shopping Cart Website
Professional design and programming, secure SSL certificate installation, industry leading eCommerce shopping cart, up to 1k transactions per day. Complete shopping cart setup and product import.

Advanced SEO
This includes SEO setup from the basic plan along with monthly SEO monitoring and maintenance.

Daily Backups w/30 Day History
Complete backups are preformed daily with weekly copies saved off site for the last 30 days. Backups can be restored real time from any point over the last 5 days.

Site Metrics with Pipeline Reports
You can not only analyze the traffic on your site but view deeply into your purchase process to see where people are leaving so that you can maximize your conversions.

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Advanced Content Management

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