Complete SEO

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We handle all the setup and monthly maintenance of an SEO plan custom created to help you meet your goals for your companies website.


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SEO is a key ingredient to what makes a Website “Work.” Without SEO a website is the equivalent of printing a bunch of flyers and then thronging them in the trash. We have a proven track record of setting up and promoting websites so that they can be found by the people looking for either your specific company or the products/services you offer. We offer two different levels of SEO, on geared towards a local audience and the other built for national exposure:

Local audience:

  • Install all necessary plugins and configure
  • Setup sitemap and add to Google and Bing Webmaster tools
  • Integrate Google Analytics & Search Console
  • Setup up all site pages for proper keywords and focus
  • Monthly monitoring and adjustments

National Exposure:

  • All the steps for the local audience
  • Manage adwords/bing/facebook advertising campaigns with A/B testing to research keywords and the most effective content
  • Integrate analytics with advertising to research effectiveness through goals and adjust to maximize
  • Monitor what people are searching for on a monthly basis and make sure it matches the site setup